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New Dreams & New Beginnings

Updated: May 31, 2023

In ten days, I am moving into a “new dream,” and the tiny “village “of Buchanan, Saskatchewan. I know…some of you might be thinking it could be time for a sanity check! Believe me, there are times when this thought also crosses my mind. But as I live into the question-what would I love, and when I moved forward in spite of fear, I am seldom disappointed. As Jim Carrey articulates in his quote above, what kills so many dreams, is the voice of practicality. Spoiler alert… this is fear in disguise.

At first, my decision for this move also “seemed” impractical. Afterall, I have a beautiful home in Camrose. It’s a pretty city with great amenities for its size. I’ve made some wonderful friends in spite of spending two years in pandemic lockdown…and the most compelling argument is that moving IS labor intensive. Really was I up for this?

The answer was yes. I have been away from my Camrose home for 5 months this past year, and I'm ready to downsize, simplify my life and have more freedom to travel.

I reminded myself that last year at this time my dream to cycle east to Montreal also seemed impractical. But from where I am now, I can’t imagine my life without that amazing adventure being part its tapestry. And as I pedaled, I began to give thought to what I wanted to create for the “last act” of my life. (Jane Fonda) What percolated for me then, was the idea of living in an “intentional community”. This fueled my desire and decision to explore living in Namaste Village in Ajijic, Mexico this past winter. An accident and six weeks of “unplanned downtime” in cast and on crutches, gave me time to crystalize my vision. Intentional living was an affirming and rich experience at a time when I needed it most, and I knew that this is what I want as I age!

I am not ready to be an expat. I love spring, summer and fall in Canada, and proximity to my family and friends. So, the question became what would it look like to create an intentional community for 3 seasons in Canada?

A road-trip in April to visit my family and friends in Saskatchewan, affirmed my decision to move back to the province where I’ve spent most of my adult life. The purchase a small “3 season” home in Buchanan, sealed the deal.

Driving home on April 23, I noticed the fearful thoughts as they surfaced. “Yikes, I’ve just bought a house with a June 1 possession date in Saskatchewan. I haven’t even listed my Camrose property. Am I crazy?” What if my house doesn’t sell….and on it went?”

Have you heard from the voice of fear lately? If so, you are not alone. If you are growing it will be a player. So how do you befriend fear, how do you manage it so it doesn’t cause you to give up on your dream? There is an entire program I coach people through, but begin by placing your attention on what you do want. What you would love, and how you’d feel living this vision?

For me, it’s downsizing, and simplifying my life; being closer to family and friends… a summer of gardening, reading, cycling, kayaking, hiking and time and freedom to travel.

This feels expansive and has supported me to trust the process. As I live and coach transformational principles, I know the importance of staying connected to the energy of my vision, and taking consistent action towards it. Then I hold it with an open hand…and allow and affirm, this or something even better.

On April 24, I set up meetings with two Camrose realtors to discuss listing my house. That evening, before an official listing, I accepted an offer and just like that my house was sold! What a different ending to the story I was telling myself the day before.

Now that I’m past the overwhelm of how quickly the house purchase and sale happened, packing has become a meditation of sorts. It feels liberating to be downsizing and creating space at this stage of my life. I’m excited to create my “new nest and 3 season landing pad” in the small village of Buchanan. Population, 200, give or take a few.

After being on the road all last summer, I look forward spending time with my kids and friends; kayaking at nearby Good Spirit Provincial Park, cycling to neighbouring towns “without” a loaded bike; and getting to know the people in and around my “intentional community”.

I hope that my experience inspires and motivates you to live into the question, "what would I love"?

Diana Nyad has been a person of inspiration for me. In 2013, on her fifth attempt, at age 64, after 53 hours in the water, Nyad became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida, without the aid of a shark cage.

What birthed this dream for Diana? When her mother died, she said something shifted inside of her. At age 60 she said “I don’t care how healthy I am, its not like I am going to live another sixty years.” She said her dream had been put on a shelf for 30 years. With her mother’s death, she now felt a speeding up of the clock and a choking on “who have you become, and what have you done with your life?” She decided to take her dream off the shelf and go for it...practicality be damned!

Takeaways from Diana’s story: Time stops for none of us, and as we get older it passes more quickly! You are never too old to dream and take a chance on what you’d love. If you can dream it, there is a way for it to happen. Trust the process. There is a Power breathing you bigger than your circumstances or conditions. Know that fear will be a player, so learn to respect and befriend it. It is a sign and signal that you are on your green growing edge.

Here’s to living a life you love. Celebrating your new beginnings.

"What is it you plan to do with your ONE wild and precious life?" ~ Mary Oliver

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