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Why Book Lynne Harley as a Speaker at your event?


"Lynne will Uplift, Inspire, and Move your audience"

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Adding Value

Lynne’s sessions and keynotes are consistently highly rated. Her presentations are tailored to the needs of her audiences. She has the ability to engage and inspire all age groups and demographics. Whether children, educators, parents or seniors, we must all navigate and embrace change to live with mental health and wellness.


Lynne shares the growth mindset that is relevant to every person who wants to create new results and live into their mental wellness



Lynne has been a presenter, keynote speaker and transformational life coach for over 40 years. Her lifework has been to empower others to navigate change and live into their potential. Lynne’s message is well delivered, inspiring and tackles the difficult subjects of suicide and mental health.


Lynne has been a speaker at many events; as well as the host of her own. She understands the importance of nurturing a community and event attendees.


Lynne offers a number of presentation and vision workshops to large or small events, in-house trainings, personal retreats, and keynote speeches. Each of her inspirational presentations expands upon her coaching program formats as well.

Participants will walk away inspired and motivated, with practical tools to transform their results including:

  • Having a clear vision​

  • Strategies to overcome fear and obstacles

  • An action plan to move forward

Lynne is a passionate and impactful speaker and teacher.  She has an incredible ability to communicate transformational principles in a way that her audience can easily relate to.  Her work with Mental Health and supporting youth in knowing their true potential is both admirable and crucial.”

Stacey Berger,  EverExpanding Coaching Ltd. 
Transformational Coach for Business & Life

"I had the pleasure of interviewing Lynne Harley, the Author of “What If You Could?” on my podcast, Keep Hope Alive. I get many people on my show, but Lynne “shined”. She is so passionate about her work and really takes the time to know the importance of how people think. She inspired me to go for my goals also. She is a true blessing to the world. I am purchasing her book for my new grand baby here in Texas. This is the first book I want to purchase for him/her. Lynne, your outlook on HOPE is so rewarding! I will always be a true fan of yours!

Thanks for ALL that You Do."

Nadine Malone

Keep Hope Alive Podcast


Lynne delivered her presentation very professionally. She talked to children and engaged with them. Her message was very clear as she brought examples we could relate to. We could feel her passion for the message she was conveying. I would recommend Lynne as a Speaker for all kind of audiences!”
Louise Halifax, Rama, Sk


We invited Lynne to speak at our Community and Library Event. If you are looking for an engaging and inspiring speaker, Lynne has a message for all of us, and I highly recommend her.
Marie Kupchinski- Parkland Regional Librarian


Lynne spoke to our entire school in three presentations K-Grade 8.
Lynne Harley's book "What if you could" contains a powerful message of encouragement and hope that resonates strongly with kids. Even the youngest children can understand the power of our inner voices, both the positive and negative ones, to influence how we approach our goals, ambitions, and dreams on a daily basis. Thanks to this presentation, they are even more aware of these voices and know which one should grab their attention and focus. It's a message all of us need to reflect on regularly.”
Sharon Judd, Learning Commons Facilitator, Round Hill School, Round Hill AB

Popular Speaking Topics


  • The Power of Vision

Do you find yourself lost in the day-to-day demands? Are you finding that productivity and engagement are decreasing in your organization? Would you love to refocus and recommit to your vision and have your team highly engaged in the vision? In this powerful session you will rediscover the importance of a crystal-clear vision and what must change in your organization to achieve your vision.

  • Full Spectrum Success

Has your professional success come at the expense of your relationships and/or health? Would you love greater time freedom while the power that lives in you to achieve your goals and dreams? There is a pattern, a system, a way of doing things that creates the results you want. Once you consciously understand what this pattern is, you can apply it to any area of your life that you want to improve, and you continue to grow your business.

  • Why We Self-Sabotage

There is a governor within you that is creating your level of results and when we are going for a dream that governor causes us to lose steam and often self-sabotage. Learn more about this internal governor and how to re-pattern it so that you can reach new levels of success in all areas of your life.

  • The Power of Mindset for Mental Wellness

Did you know that your mindset controls your results? In this session, we will dive deep into the power of mindset (beyond just positive thinking) and how to develop a mindset that creates results in your life and in your organization.


Transformational Mindset Coach Lynne Harley complements any event desiring significant impact, growth, and mental wellness for their audience.

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"Create the highest, grandest vision for your life, because you become
what you believe." ~Oprah Winfrey

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