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Lynne Harley is thrilled and proud to be a contributing author in the newly released and now international bestselling book, Short Sweet & Sacred, Volume 2. To purchase the book click here.

Lynne, who wrote the chapter "Choose to Thrive" shares her experience with adversity and how she moved forward to create the life she loves today.

You will come to realize through Short Sweet & Sacred, Volume 2 that you can absolutely make it through any challenge, and still create a life that quenches your thirst for fulfillment. How do I know? All of the authors in this uplifting book have created this in their own lives, despite navigating even the most daunting circumstance.

The vulnerability and honesty you will discover within these pages are written with the intention that you feel surrounded by love and light and to know deeply that you, and all of us, are on this sacred journey together.


So if you, or someone dear to you is experiencing a challenge right now, you are in the right place for inner nourishment. This compilation of 50 short stories can help you start your day with a pick-me-up of inspiration.

Buy on Amazon now.  

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