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As a transformational Life Coach, Lynne combines a powerful background of over 30 years experience as a Social Worker and Life Skills Coach. Creating and coaching empowerment programs has been her area of genius. Believing in the mind-body-spirit connection, Lynne is also a 200 RYT Certified Yoga Teacher, specializing in Trauma Sensitive (Y4T) & Restorative Yoga. Lynne lives what she teaches.


Congratulations to Lynne Harley, whose picture book WHAT IF YOU COULD? (illustrated by Kiram Akram) has won a gold medal in the Children's-Growing Up category of the Global Book Awards. 

As a Social Worker and Transformational Life Coach, Lynne Harley, combines a powerful background of over 40 years experience coaching individuals through empowerment programs. This summer, Lynne became the published author of her inspired children's book. She is also a contributing author in the best selling book Short, Sweet and Sacred which was also published this summer.

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"If you are growing, fear is present" with author Lynne Harley of the book What If You Could?"

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Alberta life coach launches cycling journey in support of youth mental health. Lynne Harley is biking from Saskatchewan to Quebec to raise funds for mental health awareness. She stops by TMS to talk about her inspiring trek that coincides with her new book, 'What If You Could?"

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Transformation Tuesday presents Lynne Harley who is cycling across Canada for a cause! Her new book "What If You Could" inspires people everywhere to think and believe BIGGER!

Rita Friesen in conversation with Lynne Harley, who stopped in the area on her 3,000 km cycling journey to support mental health and wellness for youth

Posted on July 24, 2022 by Peter Anthony Holder

#0675: D. Brent Nelson; Lynne Harley; & Marc Hartzman
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"As part of a 3,000 km cycling tour from Saskatchewan to Quebec to raise funds for in support of mental health, Lynne Harley of Camrose, AB made a stop in Minnedosa on June 7 and 8 to raise awareness and visit friend Johanne Lamont."

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"A 67-year-old is cycling across Canada to raise mental health awareness"

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67 year old woman bikes across Canada to promote her upcoming children's book on mental health

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Saskatchewan bicyclist rides through Portage to help curb youth suicide

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Lynne currently resides in Camrose, Alberta. Her life work, spanning 40 years as a Social Worker and as a Transformational Life Coach, has been to empower individuals to believe in themselves and to give credence to the still, small voice of truth that is within all of us. Her children’s story “What If You Could?” was inspired by the work she does and shares a universal message.

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GX94 Interview July 1, 2022

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What If You Could?
A Story by Lynne Harley

"This little caterpillar’s inspirational story of transformation is everyone’s story. We all have to decide which inner voice to listen to whenever we prepare to leave our comfort zone, spread our wings, and fly."

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Harley's bike tour supports mental health

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"How are you today? I mean, how are you really? Are you content? Sad? Anxious? Happy? Do you have a headache? Upset stomach? Sore back, aching knees? Which of those maladies are you most comfortable addressing? Probably the physical ones, right? You’re not alone. Mental health is not something everyone is comfortable talking about."

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