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What if you could?

story by Lynne Harley art by Kiram Akram


Reviews & Endorsements

Neale Donald Walsch 

International bestselling author of the book series, “Conversations with God.” He is a spiritual teacher and founder of The Re-Creation Foundation. 

What If You Could? Is a wonderful book for children, introducing them to the magic of dreaming big by re-telling, in a very sweet way, the oft-told story of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The youngest among us can learn the oldest of lessons through this time-honored tale that can bring new awareness to a new generation when shared with the easy-to-understand, yet imaginative approach, found here. This is a tale sure to generate questions, and open the door for every loving parent’s answer, about how the spiritual power of Belief works. Neale Donald Walsch is the international bestselling author of the book series, “Conversations with God.” He is a spiritual teacher and founder of The Re-Creation Foundation. 

Mary Morrissey

International best-selling author of “No Less Than Greatness” and PBS Special, “Building Your Field of Dreams.”

What if You COULD? This endearing children’s story tells the tale of a “thinking” caterpillar who has a dream, and his metamorphosis into a butterfly. Readers of all ages will relate to the voices that speak to the caterpillar as he desires more, dreams big, and is getting ready to leave behind what has been familiar. This book provides parents and educators with valuable teachings and tools. Learning to listen to, and trust the internal voice that is kind and loving, our voice of intuition; and the power of believing and living into one’s dreams. Lynne Harley shares her gifts in the world as a Transformational Life Coach and Speaker, and now with this beautifully inspired children’s book, a tale of transformation for all.  Mary Morrissey- International best-selling author of “No Less Than Greatness” and PBS Special, “Building Your Field of Dreams.”

David McArthur

Co-author, “The Intelligent Heart”

What If You Could? A delightful way to discover our wisdom. This exquisite story reveals the wisdom that flows when we listen to our hearts. it reminded me with its pure, simple, delightful story of the value of the inner voice that does help our dreams come true. I will read it to my grandchildren and enjoy it for myself.

Michelle Shaw


What If You Could? by Lynne Harley is a wonderful book for all ages with a deep and profound message that will resonate with every reader.
The author cleverly uses the familiar story of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly to highlight the different “inner voices” we all experience. “One grey and rainy morning, a caterpillar, as caterpillars do, was eating a big, green leaf, munching, crunching, thinking, too.” One of the voices the caterpillar hears is positive and loving and encourages him to dream big, exciting dreams and to let his imagination run free. The other voice is “cold and quite mean” and full of “know-it-all advice”. This voice sternly tells the caterpillar: “forget it, little caterpillar. From this branch, you won’t go far! … HA! Who do you think you are?”
Lynne Harley has spent forty years as a social worker and a transformational life coach, so it’s not surprising that this book is so profound. Through her work she encourages individuals to believe in themselves. She says this book speaks to the power of listening deeply to our inner voice: the voice that is kind and loving and encourages us to believe in the best of who we are and live into our potential.
This book made me smile. I loved the story and the message, and the illustrations were captivating. The caterpillar and the butterfly are so beautifully drawn with each expression so skillfully rendered that they draw you into the story. Even though you know how the story is going to progress you keep reading because it’s so cleverly written and illustrated.
Each page of this soft-covered book has a full-colour illustration as well as a four-line rhyming verse.
I think children will be captivated by the story and adults will be only too happy to read it again and again and again. It’s a real feel good, inspiring read. - 
Michelle Shaw- Skbooks

Phil Centers

Retired Executive Director of Kona Pacific Public Charter School

Lynne Harley's picture book, "What If You Could?", is a true gem. It introduces the "two voices" - the one of defeatism and gloom, the other of confidence and possibilities - to children, young adults, and mature adults alike. As a Waldorf educator I would recommend that this book be in every classroom throughout the grades as a reminder to students of what is possible when they choose to listen to the voice of optimism inside themselves.

Katherine Lawrence,

Poet and author of the young adult verse novel, Stay.

What if You Could? Would you listen to your heart? Would you treat yourself with kindness? Would you ignore the cruel, critical voice? Would you lean into your dreams? Would you spread your wings? Yes, you would.
Lynne Harley has written a powerful story for readers big and small. Prepare to be inspired.
Katherine Lawrence, poet and author of the young adult verse novel, Stay.

5 Star Amazon Reviews 

(July 2022 to June 2023)

This is a truly beautiful book with a powerful message and adorable illustrations. Tears welled up the first time I read it because I felt so strongly that every child deserves to have the teaching/learning from it. My new favourite children’s book! PS: I gifted this book to all my grown-up children as it is a meaningful message that pertains to us all. Oonagh- Edmonton

"What If You Could?" I wish I had this book when I was a child. i wish my fourteen year old daughter would read this book and discuss it with me. It's delicious, hence the wishes. Let your heart soar while reading this book, whether to your child, or to yourself. i read it out loud, and it sparked my passion for possibilities and for not listening to the doubt dragons that breathe fire in the form of logic and reason.
Thanks Lynne for this amazing, short, sweet contribution to us all. The illustrations are magnificent.

Scott Grace, Author of Oh, the Place Your Ego Will Go

Simple yet powerful message for children and adults

Reviewed in Canada on February 14, 2023

Love reading this book with my children. Through simplicity of its message and resonance of its truth, Lynne Harley offers a beautiful story applicable to both adults and children. The book reminds us to honour our heart’s inner voice, follow it and trust the process. On the other side is the life filled with meaning and purpose. Ivica, Ottawa, Canada

"What if you Could?" presents a wonder-filled image of nature , beauty and possibility unfolding as Life Itself unfolds. A reminder- introduction of WHO we are, and WHAT we are here for.  February 23, 2023 Anne Bock Religious Science Practitioner and great grandmother. 

We gave your book to our 8 year old grandson at Christmas. We also gave him an engine kit to build. After the presents were all opened and we were just enjoying the day he said to me he didn't think he could build the engine because it was too hard. I thought this would be a perfect time to read your book with him!  A couple of days later I got a picture of him with his completed engine!!  I give total credit to the inspiration that your book gave him to believe he was able to complete the project.

What If You Could.....!!!!  (Laurie)

Great for all ages… I have ordered several of these books. A simple, easy to read book with a motivational, uplifting message for all ages. I gave one to my granddaughter who is 21, when she moved out from home, from one city to another. She was starting a new adventure of her own and was unsure of herself; I watched her read it and she smiled a lot and I knew it served its purpose. I also gave it to a friend who was in her 60’s… when her life took a drastic change… and on a particularly hard day I gave her the book and we read it together. They come in handy. Thank you for creating the perfect book… for anyone who needs a little push… who needs to see that life does not stand still … it will evolve… like the caterpillar turning into the beautiful butterfly. Thank you. (Donna)


Wonderful Book for Kids! This is a beautifully drawn book. Each page has a few rhyming sentences with an eye-catching image. The story is simple and yet shares a big idea. Everyone deals with both positive and negative self-talk. Negative self-talk can be so detrimental that some of us spiral into depression (I’ve been there). The negativity can be so loud and demanding that it can be hard to ever realize that there is anything good in life and that we can achieve what we want. His voice was belittling the little caterpillar. Luckily, the positive voice was louder, and the caterpillar realized he could fly! I read it to my almost three-year-old grandson, who loved the book. It is cute and teaches children to believe in themselves.  (Randi-Lee Bowslaugh)


Great message for kids and adults alike! A powerful message about pursuing dreams in a fun way.


We bought as a Christmas gift for our entire daycare. A great message.

A powerful message-about trusting the loving voice within and believing in one's dreams. I love that this message. It is universal and this book speaks to children, youth, and adults. (M.H.))


Great book for kids and for adults… Bought it for my grandkids but kept a copy at home as well. Great message for people of all ages…. (Claire Carriere)


A great book with a wonderful message for all ages. Easy to read with great illustrations. Suitable for all ages. (Carol)

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