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Miracle on Pino Suarez Street

Only in Mexico…my drive-along adventure with police officers Francisco and Bisante

began earlier this week when I cycled to Walmart to pick up a few groceries. As I unlocked my bike to head home, I realized my phone was missing. My first thought was “who’d want a cell phone they couldn’t unlock” so I calmly walked to customer service expecting to find it had been turned in. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. The worst part of this “crisis” was that I couldn’t call anyone for support or use google translator to assist me with my sketchy Spanish vocabulary!!!

In the midst of this, I did have an inspired thought, which I got after I spoke to the police officers who just happened to drive up and park in front of Walmart. I told them I would cycle home and see if I could track the location of my lost phone on my old device; and they told me if I could find my phone's location, they would take me to retrieve it.

30 minutes later, I found myself in the back seat of their police truck. With lights flashing, we set off clearing traffic, to begin a wild goose chase that took us into the barrios of Chapala city. This story ended almost 2 hours later, as the “Miracle on Pino Suarez Street.” When we arrived at the most recently tracked address, they told me to wait by the truck. A few minutes later they came out of the house victorious, waving my phone excitedly. I believe they were as thrilled as me with this happy ending…and I unabashedly declared them “mis heroes!!”

The best part… I made new friends and was even taken to Francisco’s home where he said, “me casa is su casa,” and proudly introduced me to his beautiful wife Valeria, a lawyer who speaks great English and said…if you need anything…and their four-year-old son Mateo. I told them about my book and how I believed that finding my phone was indeed possible…and I was delighted to gift a copy to Mateo. Chapala, Mexico is now on my world map!!

This experience, one that has been affirmed so many times in my life is- YES the universe is most definitely a friendly place. There is so much GOOD in this world. Had I not lost my phone, I never would have met these kind souls, even Valeria said when we texted today,” I believe everything happens for a reason.”

Today in our morning meditation, our teacher said, what if we could reframe “crisis” to “Christ- Is.” For me this means believing there is good in everything if we are open to seeing it. This is living with the spirit of Christ-mas…all year. Sometimes a is crisis is the portal that opens us to grace and miracles.

Blessings and Namaste,


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