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What If I Could? My 2022 Dream Realized

This summer I completed a 1,780 km cycling tour from Pike Lake Saskatchewan to Quebec, and lived into my big "WHAT IF I COULD?" This dream was inspired by my brother Craig.

Five years ago, on Father’s Day, I received the phone call that no one wants to hear; my younger brother had been found dead. Craig was 58 years old and had struggled with mental health issues from the time he was a young adult. Fifty years ago, mental health was not a subject that was talked about. This was a dark period for me. My mother had died only a year earlier, and I was caught in an undertow of grief, as I tried to make sense of my brother’s life and death.

I now see Craig as a teacher, as to how I want to live my life going forward. This is what inspired the creation of the children’s story I’ve written, “What If You Could?” It is about a caterpillar who desires more in his life and he looks at his longing and discontent while munching leaves. Soon he imagines a big dream that stirs him from his boredom. To believe in his dream, the caterpillar must decide which voice to listen to - the critical voice that warns him against change, or the kind voice that encourages him to believe in his dreams. This inspirational story of transformation is everyone’s story. It brings awareness to the internal self-talk that we all hear when we prepare to leave our comfort zone, and spread our wings and fly.

I believe we all live on a spectrum of mental health. When we are feeling mentally healthy, we are better able to discern and listen to the voice that lovingly guides us to believe, and live into the best of who we are. My biking tour was my what if I could, and was inspired by my desire to raise awareness and funds for, a registered charity that supports our youth to live with mental health and wellness.

A portion of each book purchased will be gifted to this organization. You can also make a personal donation (and will received a receipt for income tax) by clicking on the link

Have you, or someone you've known experienced mental distress?

What if we could change this together?                                                             In gratitude for your support and contribution to Mental Wellness for everyone!

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