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Test Negative, Stay Positive

Here we are going into a third wave of Covid. I certainly didn’t see this coming, did you? This is not what any of us would have chosen, and has turned life upside down for many. If we could wave a magic wand, I am sure most of us would want to eliminate this virus right now….and we can’t. There is a global consciousness going on right now, and we can either accept the global “thought-mosphere,” of “I can’t do anything because of Covid,” or we can lean into the question right now, and ask ourselves, “what would I love to create.”

Unfortunately, that is not how most of us have been trained to think. We are taught to look at conditions and to make decisions based on “what looks possible,” by what we can see with our “physical senses,” what we can hold in our hands, or see in our bank account, or on the news. We accept this as “evidence” because it is tangible.

From vision-based living we recognize that we are powered by a Life Force far greater than any circumstance or condition that we may be facing. We live in a universe governed by invisible laws and principles. This is science. We don’t see electricity or gravity but we know they exist. We believe that if we wire our homes properly, we can turn on a switch and light up a room. When we live from the expansive energy of our dreams, we are aligning ourselves with Universal Energy. When we live into the question “what I would love” and stay the course with intention, attention and expectation…magic happens.

There are people who have thought “outside of the box” and flourished during the pandemic… they have made it work. Rather than wait until Covid is over to dream, they’ve lived into the question, what would I love…and you can too. Start by writing the “what” down, and putting the “how” on hold. Then ask the question “what can I do, from where I am, with what I have, to serve my dream today? There is an Invisible Power breathing you, and “something” that is keeping the planets in alignment. So let go of the need to know “how,” it really isn’t up to you.

“Instead of telling God about your big problems, tell your problems about your BIG GOD.” Michael Beckwith

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