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Here I Grow Again

Hola from Namaste Village in Ajijic Mexico. I am currently sitting at my desk in my small casita, listening to the musicians prepare for a celebration at noon. Their song “love is my decision” has inspired this blog. When I arrived to Namaste Village, I was greeted with the words “welcome home;” and right now, I am experiencing one of those deeply satisfying moment when I KNOW I AM exactly where I am meant to be.

My beacon these last few years, has been to live into the expansive question, what would I love? That being said deciding for a life we love requires befriending and walking through our fear.

The idea to travel to Ajijic, although not fully formulated, landed for me this summer when I was on my cycling adventure. With lots of time to BE, knowing my ride would come to an end…I allowed the question, what would I love for my life going forward? I started by looking at my longing and discontent, perhaps amplified by the pandemic bubble we all lived in for two years. I thought how wonderful it would be to inside an intentional community with like-minded individuals, enjoying a warm winter climate. That was as much as I knew at the time, but it was now in my awareness and on my radar. I am amazed, but no longer surprised at what drops in when I sit with the question and don’t force the answer. This is how Namaste Village found me. It is situated within in the small city of Ajijic, 5000 feet above sea level on Lake Chapala, about an hour south of Guadalajara. Like Sedona, Ajijic is thought to be a spiritual vortex.

As I paid attention to the thought of exploring Ajijic, it didn’t take long before I heard from the voice of FEAR! I had never been to this part of Mexico. This was new and out of my comfort zone. In the past a direct flight to Puerto Vallarta was easy for me and I was familiar with the city. This time I was travelling into the unknown. I’d have to get to Guadalajara and then find a ride south to the small city of Ajijic. I was told “best not to travel at night” (which did nothing to ease my fear). Would it require 2 days of travel? Do I travel by plane or bus? Where would I spend the night? The accommodation I desired in Namaste village was only available until Feb.10. Then what? As these questions filled my mind I really “noticed what I was noticing” a powerful teaching tool that I coach. I was focused on “HOW” all of this would come together, and fear was running the show. In the midst of all these questions, an acquaintance in Camrose said, “did you hear about what is happening in Mexico right now? My answer- no, I seldom watch the news. She quickly updated me on the recent violence in Mexico by the drug cartel. “Yikes, I thought, am I willing to risk my life for this dream?” When I reconnected to my vision, I remembered this this was exactly how I felt before I left on my cycling trip last summer. What I heard beneath the background noise of fear was YES, I am willing to go for it and decide for this dream, and... I AM SO GLAD I LISTENED. My cycling tour was a heart opening experience, and a faith building practice, and the HOW unfolded beautifully each day.

And I heard "what if you could have a similar experience in Mexico Lynne? You won't know if you don't go! I am getting better at befriending fear when I prepare to leave my comfort zone. It doesn’t go away, but it no longer runs the show.

Deciding for your dreams, requires you to put the HOW on hold and to trust in the POWER that is breathing you. This Infinite Loving Universal Intelligence is far greater than any condition, circumstance or situation you may be currently facing. If you don’t believe this for yourself, believe in my belief. I have seen this at work over and over again, in my life and in the coaching I do. This is where the magic happens.

So here I am in Ajijic, on the other side of my fear, wowed by the energy of this beautiful inclusive community and the people I am meeting; and loving the warm weather and sunshine. When I let go of needing to know the whole plan, the next step is always revealed to me, and the way is made clear. I have found accommodations in this amazing community until March 31, and I believe I just might love to live here for 6 months of the year.

A simple mantra that I use that

may support you to walk through your fear, is “Here I Grow Again.”

To your dreams realized. Blessings, Lynne

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