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Canada Day Musings

July 1, 2022- Today as I was cycling these were some of my thoughts... I feel extremely fortunate to live in Canada. It's an amazing country with many freedoms and much diversity. Sadly in Canada, 25% of all youth death is caused by suicide. This is a sobering statistic, especially when one thinks that the youth are our future. The death of Jack to suicide was what birthed Parents Sandra and Eric Windeler had no idea their son was struggling when he went off to Queens University after highschool, 12 years ago.

This fueled their desire to dissolve barriers so that all young people experiencing mental distress can get the support they deserve. Please check out their website, they are doing amazing work across ALL of Canada in support of youth mental wellness. I have a vision of raising $100,000 for this organization and I'd love your support If you'd like to make a donation-personal or corporate, to my donor page

You will receive a receipt for income tax. I'm 4% of the way there, and welcome your support. What if we could change things for our youth. They are our future. In gratitude for your generosity

Happy Canada Day & Blessings,


I am posting almost daily on facebook. If you'd like to friend, follow and share what I am doing, I would love that.

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