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Building Your Dreams

The underlying principle of building your dreams is that there is POWER within you, that is greater than anything… any circumstance, condition or situation you may be currently facing. This power breathing you is greater than your history.

How is it that some people live ninety years and others live one year ninety times? The difference is, that the people living their years to the fullest, are living into their dreams. They are pulled by the expansive energy of a vision. Know that we are all capable of living a life that we love when we open ourselves up to and invite possibility and opportunity.

Sadly, most of us (myself included) have been trained to look at our conditions to determine what is possible for our lives. These conditions viewed with our five physical senses and limit us. Example-This is where we believe the economy- our bank account- our age- or education, dictates what we believe we can do Condition-based thinking usually begins with, “I can’t because….and the thinking that our conditions generate, is most often fear based, constrictive and keeps us in our comfort zone.

When we look beyond our physical senses, we can tap into and use our mental facilities of Intuition, Imagination, and Perception. These gifts allow us to interface with the Infinite Side of our nature. They support us to clearly see and articulating what we would love for our lives. As spiritual beings having a human experience, You are far more resourced than You could ever image. Our TRUE NATURE is to grow and expand. We are not meant to remain static, nothing in nature does.

Our voice of intuition, is often referred to as “the still small voice” within. It is not one of reason, intellect or logic. It is the voice of TRUTH, and it lovingly guides us to live into the highest version of ourselves. Gandhi affirms; “This voice is talking to us all the time, and it is as loud as our willingness to listen.” It is always urging us to grow and expand and speaks to us through our longings and discontent. Our intuition enables us to “listen” for and nurture the dreams in our heart. Our imagination helps us to visualize, and picture the life that we’d love to be living.

We have also all been given the gift of perception. We have the ability to choose and change what we think about. When we change our thoughts, we can create a different experience of our life. Ultimately, this is all that we can really control. We each get to choose what kinds of thoughts we will entertain. We can ruminate on thoughts of fear, doubt and worry OR we can place our attention on the thoughts and feelings of what we’d love for our lives. Henry Ford in his quote “If you think you can or you can’t you are right” affirms the power our thoughts have.

We create forward momentum towards our dreams by take consistent action to serve them. We do what we can, from where we are, with what we have. This is the rigor of creating sustainable change and transformation.

Each day You get to write the story of your life. You can do this by default or You can create a clear vision of what You would love. You match the frequency of your dream with the thoughts You give attention to. The past or present need not dictate your future. In every moment You can choose to explore the possibilities of your dreams and fill your mind with whatever you would like to BE, DO, CREATE and GIVE. I invite you to use your INNER POWER to write YOUR future in a way that supports you to live your best life. Ask yourself daily “what would I love?” This question should answer your longing and dissolve your discontent.

Know that in this moment, which is always your point of power, you couldn’t be more deserving of living the life you'd love, then you are right now.

Celebrating Your Greatness!

Blessings, Lynne

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