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Begin With The End In Mind

Happy New Year! Here we are moving into a brand-new year. A blank slate, a new opportunity to create the results that we’d like to experience in 2022. Yes, you heard me right. We create the results we experience in our lives. We are creative beings! Feel the power of this. Your nature is creative…you don't have a choice. We will each create a life over the next 365 days whether we do it by design or by default. You may have heard the expression, “the universe reads your intention, based on where you place your attention.” So, I invite you to keep this in mind as you set your intentions for 2022. Where are you placing your attention?

Your life is not unlike a garden… If you are a gardener, you know that over the summer, something will grow in your dirt. You determine what you will harvest in the fall, based on what seeds you choose to plant in the spring. If you decide to take the summer off and not plant a garden…what will grow? Weeds! This happens by default. If you live another 365 days (which I hope we all do), you will be creating a life. The thoughts you think, are the seeds you plant, and everything is created twice. We know this, we just don’t know the POWER of this. Everything that you see in your physical world, was first created in yours or someone else’s mind. It began as an idea and a picture in the mind-in the Meta; before it was brought into reality-Physics. There is an art and a science to transformation. Once you understand how IT works, new results are not only possible, they are inevitable.

Intentionally sowing the seeds of what you’d love to see happen this year is called Vision-Based living. Successful people know this. They begin with the end in mind, and this is where they place their attention. They are creating their lives deliberately and by design. They know what they want. They know where they are going, and they are pulled by the expansive energy of their vision.

The alternative is to live life by default. People who live by default often feel like life is happening to them. Believing they are victims, they are pushed by the pain of conditions and circumstances, which are always present and ever-changing.

It is important to know- we don't choose everything that happens to us. We don't want to be saying, “What did I do to create this, and then shame or berate ourselves.” None of us created Covid, but we are each choosing our response and what meaning we’ve given to the pandemic. Many people have thrived during Covid, and this had been my experience. Has everything turned out exactly as I planned? No, but as I’ve lived from my vision, and held it with an open hand, affirming “this or something better,” I can honestly say 2021 has been a pretty great year for me.

Understanding that we are always creating our experience, is a very empowering perspective to live from. It gives us a sense of ownership, as we come to deeply realize that life isn’t happening to us, it is happening with us and through us. It is an inside-out experience. We give everything meaning, and we decide what we will give our attention to. Each day we get to write the story of our life. So why not start with the end in mind? What you would love for 2022? Your vision, the ideas and pictures in your mind is the first creation. As you are pulled by your vision and you take actions to serve it, you will create results.

The work and rigor of transformation is holding your vision and not collapsing back to what is easy and familiar... when it doesn’t feel easy and familiar and you are navigating new terrain. To stay the course when habitual patterns of thinking and being are pulling you back…this is the work of transformation. I know from personal experience that this is where a solid system and structure of support is invaluable.

So why not start this year with the end in mind? What successes and results would you love to be celebrating next December 31, 2022?

May you live into a life you would love this year.

Blessings, Lynne

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