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Empty Your Cup

In the programs that I coach we talk a lot about condition-based thinking, and decision making versus vision-based thinking; and it reminds me of a Zen parable. It is about a learned man, a professor, who went to visit a famous and very wise Zen Master. While the wise Zen Master quietly served tea, the professor talked and talked and talked about Zen. The Master poured the visitor’s cup to the brim, and then kept pouring. The professor watched the overflowing cup until he could no longer restrain himself. “It’s full! No more will go in, you are pouring it onto me!” the professor blurted. “This is you,” the wise Zen Master replied, “How can I teach you anything unless you first empty your mind.” How we move forward in our lives is often guided by our thinking about a past situation, condition, or experience… a full cup! I recently heard someone say, “I’ve been to something like this before and I didn’t like it.” Sadly, they had made up their mind that this new learning opportunity had nothing to offer them. What if we could approach each day and each new situation with an open mind, an “empty cup.” What if there were someone, some learning in this day or situation that could touch your soul, and offer you an experience that could be transformative? Do you feel the difference and the expansiveness of this mindset? Within our amazing brainstem is the Reticular Activating System. It is like a giant search engine that brings into our awareness what we place our attention on. When we approach people, situations and our lives with a closed mind, we live a very small life and limit our good. The Results Formula affirms that the results we experience in our lives always begin with a THOUGHT…which produces a FEELING…which causes us to take ACTION or NO ACTION, which always yields a RESULT. If you don’t like the results you are experiencing in any area of your life…health, relationships, career, creative expression, or the amount of time and money freedom you enjoy, it’s time to change your mindset. When we think thoughts of internal judgment or prejudge people and new opportunities, we are saying to the universe, my cup is full, I am not open. The Power breathing you, this benevolent loving energy, LIFE, wants to fill your cup and bless you abundantly; and it is only your thinking that stops the flow. What thoughts and habitual ways of being are you ready to transform? Are you ready to be pulled a vision? Keep asking the question “What would I love?” Look at your longings and discontent, and listen…What, in your life would you like to be different? What would you love to experience that, up until now you haven’t? Your still small voice…your soul, is always speaking to you, and it is as loud as your willingness to listen. Here’s to listening, and to living a life that you love, Blessings, Lynne

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