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Are You Ready for A Bigger Pot?

Last Saturday, I spent a couple of hours repotting houseplants that were “calling out” for more room. They had more than doubled in size over the winter and “I sensed” they were root bound and cramped. As I set about doing this project, I thought what a great analogy this is for us. Everything in nature is called to grow. Flowers and grass will push through concrete towards the light. Being part of nature, this same desire for becoming is within us. When we start to feel cramped and constricted in our “current lives”, we are signaled to grow through our feelings of longing and discontent. This desire for more is natural, in fact it is a given. Think of how you have evolved to your current self, and think about what has evolved since you were a child. I remember visiting my paternal grandparents in rural Saskatchewan every second summer. I was fascinated that they had a pump in their kitchen sink, which was their water source… and NO flush toilet, a novelty back then. They cooked and baked on a stove fueled by wood. The man whose job it was to pick up garbage for the community did so with two Clydesdale horses hitched to a wagon. What an adventure we had, when he let us ride along.

I am amazed at what has changed in my lifetime. When my children were young, we had to leave our sitter with hand written contact information in case of an emergency…yep, no cell phones or texting back then. Now landlines are almost obsolete and my grandkids all have their own phones. When we got our first computer 30 years ago, we had no interest in world wide webs. We wanted our children to access interactive learning games. Since that time, evolution has and continues to take quantum leaps. All the progress we have seen has evolved through a felt discontent or longing for something greater. The Wright Brothers, had a longing and a dream to create a flying machine. They weren’t brilliant scientists with unlimited resources, they were two bicycle mechanics with a dream. They had, and used what we all have, the mental faculty of their imagination. Once they had a picture, and held in their minds, it eventually became a reality. Everything that we’ve witnessed in our lifetime, has been created twice. It first began as an IDEA in the MIND of someone who had a desire or a longing for a larger experience. We are POWERFUL CREATORS, and this capacity is in YOU.

When you feel restless or discontent this is a sure sign that you are ready for a “bigger pot”. Even if you don’t know for sure, to what you are being called, trust that the Power breathing you, Universal Intelligence-God-Mind-Spirit desires more for you.

We discover true desire by first noticing discontent…so don’t shut out these feelings just because you don’t know what they mean. When you shut out your yearnings, you become numb to creating something more interesting. Bring those rumblings to the front of your mind for examination. You are being urged to a more meaningful experience so don’t settle for mediocrity. By opening yourself to examine them, you are allowing your discontent to lead you towards your purpose and a larger life.

Be aware of messages from those around you and don’t be talked out of your dreams and your discontent. Restlessness is telling you that you are meant for more. You are ready for a bigger pot, a larger experience of life. We are not here to live limited, cramped lives. Allow your Inner Voice to be louder and ring truer than anyone else’s. I believe we all have a purpose. Once we discover what that really is, it changes your whole life. Life is about stretching yourself. Never stop stretching.

Here’s to you saying YES to a bigger pot, and yes to a larger experience of yourself. Here’s to living your life with passion and purpose!

Blessings, Lynne

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